Geometry Week 1

WALT:Geometry,This week were doing geometry and symmetry we had to reflect the same shape like a mirror and how it would look like and i had to create some of the slides in my maths book.thank you for checking out this blog post and be sure to go check out other blog post!.

Number of the week!

WALT: is number of the week,We start by generate a number between 1 and 2000 and i got 312,each slide tells us what we need to do with our number like ”including our number to solve a problem” or if its odd or even,Thank you for checking out this blog post and have a nice day.

About me

Kia ora my name is Madison and i’m 12 years old, also a year 8 at pt England school.
This year I am in room 1 with my teacher Mr Moran, I live with my older brother and my parents sometimes live with nana.  My cultures are Maori, Niuean and Fijian.  My favourite things to do are to watch anime, TV shows, art, skateboarding.  In my opinion, Arcane is one of the best gaming episode shows i’ve ever seen!  Some of my favourite sports to play are netball, soccer, and volleyball but everyone knows I’m too lazy. Thank you for checking out my about me have an amazing day!